Barrel Crowning

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Barrel crowning
We are pleased to offer Barrel Crowing for various Guns. Crowning allows the powder gases to exit the muzzle evenly resulting in better accuracy. The gas behind the bullet moves 5x's faster then the bullet does, this is how you keep the pressure up to speed up the bullet as it travels down the barrel. If the crown is not evenly cut, at the time the bullet exits the barrel it will move the bullet in the other direction. Dependent on how bad this uneven part is, the bullet could tumble right off the exit. This is called jump. The jump is measured by how well the crown is cut. If your gun is experiencing a loss of accuracy a crowning job is definetely reccomended. What we do is an 11 degree target crown cut, then a 90 degree flush cut and finish with a 45 degree chamfer cut.We offer Barrel crowning for the following calibers 22,223,9mm,38 spl,357 Magnum,40 SW, 10mm, 45, 7.62x25, 7.62x39, 7.62x51, 7.62x54R,30, 308 and various others calibers. Call scedule a barrel crowning job. Starting at $79.99

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