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Never get a false copper read
100% copper free
Quality nylon brush

Committed to setting standards, Bore Tech was the first to recognize the need for quality nylon brushes. Bore Tech's double wound Proof Positive nylon brushes are knows for being the finest brushes available. This is due to superior construction and engineered features incorporated into the brush.

Bore Tech's Proof Positive nylon brushes have twice the amount of bristles compared to the competition, resulting in double the scrubbing action and faster cleaning. These brushes feature oversized bristles for extra rigidity and non-brass cores and couplers which prevent the false indication of copper fouling remaining in your bore.

This attention to detail is necessary to produce an effective, long lasting, high quality Proof Positive nylon bore brush for your rifle or pistol. These brushes are ideal for use with fast acting copper cleaners like Bore Tech's Eliminator and CU+2 Copper Remover.

The .17 and .20 caliber rifle brushes are shortened to 1 inch in length to lessen the necessary force required to push a brush through the bore. This in turn helps prevent against cleaning rod flex and barrel damage.

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